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Vaxis Power®
Power at the Point of Need

Our Progress so far

The unique Vaxis Power® Wind Turbine makes sense
Our Business Plan, fully funded, yields a return on investment of over 300% in the first 5 years

Lyle Kenyon Liljegren (Inventor)

The inventor and his son have brought this project to the point of transferring engineering drawings and DOE prototype data to a production environment.

The following lists our accomplishments to date in the development of the Liljegren Wind Turbine (LWT).

1. Developed and tested fully functional prototype, (See Documentary video) from funds from a Department of Energy Grant.

2.  Awarded a new Patent (US 9,297,359 B1)  allowing 6 powerful unique utility claims.

3. The Vaxis Power® Wind Turbine has been the subject of a UC Irvine Master’s Thesis.

4. The Wind Turbine design is the product of over 25 years of development by an aerospace engineer with the assistance of wind energy experts worldwide, professors and students from three major California universities and was tested in the wind tunnel at Caltech.

5. The unique LWT Wind Turbine design has been vetted by DOE engineers and a senior member of the American Wind Energy Association. All agree that there are no fatal flaws in the design.


6. A complete Business Plan and Product Development Plan are available for your review. The current Business Plan includes additional markets for remote applications that will greatly increase your return on investment

7. Dennis Liljegren founded Vaxis Power® LLC after the passing of his father, the inventor, to bring the Liljegren Wind Turbine from the fully vetted engineering prototype to production. Dennis worked alongside his father during development and has all the data, drawings, and necessary material to make this transision. He also has the actual DOE prototype of the newly patented Pitch Contorl Assembly shown in the videos on this website.

Click on the photo of the inventor with the DOE funded version of the LWT Wind Turbine below to view a documentary of the development of this unique approach to efficient wind power.

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